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What amazing frame to work in, when you are connected with colleagues within the same education field and a team with bright digital vision and knowhow. Our common ground in the project consortium was easy to reach. Similar profile of students connected us to reach for new tools to broaden the view for teaching competences needed when going abroad.

In the beginning of all of this we came together with the partners and wondered, what skills do students need in an international operating environment? How to identify and develop them?

The Train for international trail, or more familiarly the TFIT project, has strong partnership in the field of special education from all over Europe. In the project, the students are at the center of producing and piloting material to support internationalization and learning about internationalization.

Practical and accessible results are available online for anyone to use. Whether is the question of focus on social competences, language skills, gamificated examples for building competences or using journaling in mobilities, we have it!

The outputs of the project are tangible and therefore it has been easy to get started with making them. The students have been involved in developing and producing project materials related to the knowledge and skills needed in international operations. Along with the students, the teaching staff has played a valuable role in guiding the development of the products and acting as support people along the way. In addition to the actual results, the teachers feedback has been positive; they have gained new perspectives and an inspiring touch of internationality.

A student-oriented perspective refreshes project workers on many levels. Students, teachers and project coordinators are equally happy with the final products. It was a pleasure to notice that the student-oriented way of working produces visible results, with both student and teacher perspectives.

The strength of the network of partners is formed by organizations with strong professionality of educational work with students with special needs. Partners are: atempo from Austria, Live Vocational College from Finland, Cirius from Slovenia, Learning Digital from Italy, Gureak from Spain and Zefiro from Italy. Project was coordinated by Luovi Vocational College Finland.  Together we have created accessible and intriguing study material with a twist of gamification.

Dive in to our project material and results

Main project page, Mobility Ability Handbook and Train for International Trial

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