Tour4all 3rd project meeting

The third meeting regarding the TOUR4ALL project (Development of curricula on Accessible Tourism for VET Tourism Courses) was held in Palermo, Italy, on the 23rd and 24th January 2018. The main objective of TOUR4ALL is to develop a module on Accessible Tourism for VET students, teachers, and Tourism professionals. 

First of all, the group discussed the project’s check point and presented the training resources in order to debate with the partners on the resources produced (both the module units and the videos). In so doing, there was also an analysis of the teacher’s guidelines, a definition of the final delivery dates of the resources translated into each national language and stakeholders also contributed to the analysis of the units and resources created. Secondly, INOVA+ discussed how the quality control had been carried out. In this respect, the strongest points were the following: quality of the partnership and management, quality of the module/materials and the perfect timing completing the output and general monitoring. Thirdly, CSC discussed the pilot testing guidelines to prove and see the effectiveness of the resources in Portugal, Italy and Germany.

The project coordinator, CEPROF, talked about the exploitation and sustainability areas in terms of training module, training platform and methodology. In this respect, partners will look into the possibility of transferring the results and methodology of TOUR4ALL to other sectors and other countries through Erasmus+ calls. Furthermore, partners will assess the possibility of insertion of the module in the VET national catalogues of training offers.

Finally, all partners will build the national exploitation and sustainability strategy from M13 to M24. Template will be provided by CEPROF.

EfVET presented the main dissemination activities of the projects since the last meeting. In this respect, EfVET disseminated the importance of accessible tourism and adequate training for tourism professionals in Brussels and there was also dissemination during EfVET Annual Conference 2017 in Thessaloniki and during the Project coordinator National Conference of the TOUR4ALL Project. When it comes to the next steps, there will be a newsletter and EfVET will be in charge of the dissemination and publication of the training lessons and the final conference in September 2018 in Brussels.

To conclude, the project meeting continued on the 24th January to discuss the final considerations of the multiplier events 1, 2 and 3. There was thus a presentation of the structure and dates of the multiplier events in Portugal, German, Italy, Lithuania and Belgium. Last but not least, final comments were made for the next meeting dates and there was a new meeting evaluation at the end of the meeting.

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