Tourism Education of the Future

Tourism Education of the Future


According to the EU Commission Pact for Skills on Tourism policy document and the OECD global figures, the European tourism industry was severely impacted by COVID crisis. The near collapse of global tourism during the COVID pandemic (loss of 80% in 2020) affected around two-thirds of direct tourism jobs, whilst the entire tourism ecosystem struggles to attract and recruit qualified people for specific jobs.

The tourism workforce is generally less qualified than the EU working population, with up to 25% possessing low-level qualifications. Changing skills needs and bridging skills gaps in a highly seasonal sector is a major challenge for tourism businesses, education providers and public bodies. Over 90% of tourism enterprises employ less than 10 people – skills training for employees in these small enterprises, especially in nano-enterprises, must not be left behind. Available job candidates crossing over from other sectors were often not sufficiently qualified. Even re-hired staff faced disruptive changes since 2020 on topics such as sanitary measures, use of new digital tools, and increased quality demand from customers.

The objectives of the project have been defined as a positive reformulation of the negative situation analysed by the partners. In line with the analysed difficulties, the specific objective of the project is to improve the ability to reduce skills gap between schools and tourism industry.

The specific objective of the project will be achieved through the following results:

  • Improved digital competences of teachers and students;
  • Improved soft skills of students;
  • Improved professional competences of students and professionals.

The achievement of the project specific objective and results will lead to a better quality of VET provision, to an increased employability of students and professionals, and to an improved quality of the tourism offer in the partners’ tourism ecosystems.

Project no.: 2022-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000085751


  • Apro Formazione, Italy


  • Ekpaideftiria Bouga A.E, Greece
  • Stichting Landstede, Netherlands
  • Insignare – Associaçao de Ensino e Formaçao, Portugal
  • Internacional Ni Univerzitet U Sarajevu, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Centro de Formación de Administración y Hostelería Sl, Spain
  • EfVET, Belgium


Start: 01/09/2022 – End: 31/08/2024



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