Transnational Business Groups – TBG


Coordinator: INSIGNARE – Associacao de Ensino e Formacao

Contact Details: Sérgio Fernandes

Starting / Ending Date: 01.09.2014 – 30.08.2016

Summary: Transnational Business Group (TBG) project approach between school and the world of work is certainly represented by the new dimension of the simulated activities consistent with the most recent policies implemented by the EU. TBG project main objectives to help students create their own business by taking full informed responsibility for the decisions and respecting ecology, regional identity but global market. Therefore students and teachers will have the opportunity to learn how to make business in a formal and informal way, meet people from different nations, exchanges ideas and entrepreneurial practices, develop their soft and hard skills and see how it feels to be included into the big European labour market. Together with partner main will create a new e-learning course, tools and resources which will allow and internationally mixed teams’ company’s competition. The e-learning mythology content and focus will be beneficiary led – the shape and implementation of it will reflect needs and demands of the young entrepreneurs, as it is adapted to their reality.


Founding Agency: PORTUGAL

1. EfVET, Netherlands
2. Geniko Likio Glafkis, Greece
3. Sincan Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey
4. School of Natural Science Karlovac, Croatia
5. European Grants International Academy Srls Unipersonale, Italy
6. Werkcenter Nederland BV, Netherlands



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