Triggering primary motivation for learning in low-educated and low-skilled adults/employees using ICT tools

Over the last decades, there have been numerous major social changes (digitalisation, automation, robotisation, globalisation) that affect both people’s private lives and the needs of the labour market. However, not everyone is following such a rapid pace, thus becoming excluded from lifelong learning and new opportunities. At the same time, adult educators and relevant professionals may not be familiar with the phenomenon of low literacy, the characteristics of low literate people, the way their jobs are being affected, and how this target group learns better. Therefore, all of the above should be reflected in literacy programmes targeting low-skilled people and adult educators.

Eurosuccess Consulting (Cyprus)

Under this context, Eurosuccess Consulting participates in the European project “How to Trigger Primary Motivation for Learning in Low Educated Adults Using ICT Tools – LearnersMot”, an Erasmus + project co-funded by the EU, that aims to empower educators and adult learners.

What is the LearnersMot project about?

The project seeks to contribute to the empowerment of adult educators with knowledge and skills necessary for greater involvement of low-skilled and low-qualified people into lifelong education through effective outreach, guidance and motivation. To do this, the project aims at elaborating an online learning environment to extend professional competences of adult educators based on learning and teaching strategies: knowledge, approaches, face-to-face and online methods (e.g. webinars) and techniques helping adult educators to train low educated workers as well as to trigger and maintain their primary motivation for learning.

Who can benefit from the LearnersMot project?

  • Low educated and low-skilled adult learners, workers
  • Adult educators, such as teachers, trainers, educational manager, mentors, coaches, social workers, advisors working with adult learners
  • Relevant stakeholders, such as adult education centres, civic organizations, local authorities and European networks dealing with adult education and lifelong learning.

The consortium

The international dimension of the LearnersMot project is ensured by a consortium of partners and other relevant organizations from four European countries: Spain (Edensol Danmarc Sl, coordinator), Cyprus (Eurosuccess Consulting), Italy (Eurocrea Merchant) and Slovenia (UPI – ljudska univerza Žalec and Slovenian Third Age University).

Recent project results

Although the project is ongoing, some of the project results are already available on the project and freely accessible:

More activities, webinars and courses are coming, so stay tuned for more news about the project. If you would like to found out more, please contact us via email at or visit our corporate website or the project’s website 

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