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Unlocking Global Talent for a Stronger Europe – Mobility Package

Discover a new era of talent mobility with the European Commission’s groundbreaking Skills and Talent Mobility package. At the forefront are transformative initiatives, including the revolutionary EU Talent Pool—a pioneering platform connecting EU employers with skilled jobseekers from non-EU countries, streamlining international recruitment. Simultaneously, measures to expedite the recognition of qualifications gained in third countries and a visionary Council Recommendation on learning mobility opportunities underscore the EU’s commitment to fostering a skilled, diverse, and globally competitive workforce. These strategic steps address persistent skills shortages and demographic challenges, embodying the EU’s dedication to upskilling, reskilling, and attracting talent worldwide. Join us in shaping a future where talent knows no borders!

You can find more information here: Europe on the Move – a proposal on the future of learning mobility | Erasmus+ (europa.eu)

The Commission recommendation on the recognition of qualifications of third country nationals complements the package with concrete actions to facilitate and simplify the recognition procedures and allow for easier integration of third country nationals in the labour market.

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