VET-Business cooperation in the initial qualification of young people!

Focused in the reduction of the gap between the qualification provided by VET schools to young people and the demands of the labour market, partners of the VET_GPS – Guiding tools for Professional Skills development in VET project promoted and attended, between 11th and 13th of December 2018 a joint staff training event, hosted by Pixel in Florence (Italy).

VET_GPS focus on the acquisition, development and assessment of soft skills of trainees attending VET training, essential for their personal development, social participation and workplace success, contributing to:

  •  the reduction of early School Leaving / combating failure in education;
  • overcome skills mismatches between the training and labour market needs;
  • the promotion of rates of employability, by providing career guidance.

In the context of the activity ‘Short-term joint staff training’ partners attended to this meeting. It was three intense and fruitful days of practical training that combined presentations with workshops, simulations and brainstorming, involving trainers and counsellors from different organisations, discussing and debating about on:

  • How to integrate soft skills in the VET offer?
  • How to support VET professionals to assess and promote the soft skills of trainees, actively involving them in this process?
  • What do VET professionals need to know, learn and have to successfully support and guide young trainees in the definition of their programme for the development of their soft skills?
  • How to contribute the establishment, strengthen and maintenance of VET-Business cooperation in VET system?

Therefore, many ideas, conclusions and tips resulted from these three days of training, that will be introduced in a set of six events to be promoted in April/2019 in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Austria.

Are you interested to know more about the results of the training and attend the events?

Please send an e-mail to the contact of your country that you can find here. Take part of this project and build the innovative future of vocational education and training! Likewise, to know more about the project we invite you to explore its website, Facebook page or contact the coordinator of the project

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