VET Mobility across Europe

The IUS Life Lifelong Learning Center hosted a workshop titled “VET Mobility across Europe” for high school students on Friday, October 21st,2022.
The workshop was organized within the IntervetWB and Joint Hosting projects and was attended by high school students from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy.
At the very beginning, Stanislava Matic, Senior Associate for Secondary Vocational Education from the Institute for Pre-University Education, greeted the students and shared her experiences within the Intervet Western Balkans project.
Thanks to the Intervet Wester Balkans project, students of vocational high schools from Bosnia and Herzegovina had the opportunity to gain their first work experience in EU member states participating in this project, while high school students from the Forma Camera vocational high school in Rome gained their first work experience in companies in Sarajevo Canton.
During the workshop, through different and dynamic instructional practices such as “Find Someone Who…”, “Triangle of Similarities” and “Impro Theater”, high school students had the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange their own internship experiences in different countries.

The “VET Mobility across Europe” workshop was another opportunity for young people to better understand the importance of intercultural exchange, to improve communication skills and broaden their horizons.

More than 20 high school students from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy participated in the workshop.
Mirsada Mehremic
Assistant Director LLC, IUS Lifelong Learning Center

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