VET on the Moon at Job&Orienta Italian job fair

On 29 November, the European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET) and the European Vocational Education and Training Association (EVTA) co-organised the event VET ON THE MOON: Excellence, Inclusion and Internationalisation of VET” at the 29th edition of JOB&Orienta, Verona Exhibition Centre (Italy).

The event aimed to discuss three key issues for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector: Excellence, Inclusion and Internationalisation. The “VET on the Moon” event will gather prestigious experts to discuss these three main subjects from the National, European and International views with:

  • Manuela Geleng, Director for Skills – European Commission – DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
  • Cesare Onestini, General Director ETF – European Training Foundation
  • Stefano Tirati, Vice-president of EfVET – European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training
  • Giorgio Sbrissa, President of EVTA – European Vocational Training Association
  • Shogo Richard Mlozi, CEO – National College of Tourism, Tanzania
  • Luigi Fabbris, Full Professor – Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Padua

The debate was moderated by Silvia Giopp (EVTA) and Davide Orlandini (IFOA, EfVET Italian Member). Both European networks, EfVET and EVTA, are committed to promoting excellence, inclusion and internationalisation. 

Global competition, digitalisation, social inclusion are just some of the new challenges that Europe is facing today. These trends are having a clear impact on the structure and development of the labour market. As a result, the skills to be acquired and learned should be new ones, going one step ahead as those skills learn today might not be useful for the jobs of tomorrow. Hence, the Vocational Education and Training (VET) has proved to provide effective tools to address these socio-economic challenges and look into the future of work. 

The VET on the Moon event showed how vocational training plays a strategic role in the debate of the future of the labour market in Europe, but also how it contributes to the well-being and development of the communities in which it operates, including in the international sphere. 

Stefano Tirati (EfVET Vice president) said “We see that many EfVET members have been counted among the examples of EU Vocational Excellence and we believe that we are working in the right direction. For example, the Italian example of the Istituti Tecnici Superiori (ITS). Why is the ITS a world example recognised as excellence? Because it gathers:

  • Public /private partnerships
  • Knowledge triangle
  • Innovation, pedagogical and innovation -savvy culture.

Above all for the results: the effectiveness of technical vocational tertiary courses in terms of job placement.”

Tirati stressed how inclusion as excellence is based on the ability to network, companies by enhancing the heritage and productive traditions of the territory with policymakers and local authorities that multiply the effectiveness not only of training but also of the transition to work. He underlined “the inclusion excellence has a huge impact, not only at individual participants level but also as a social impact measurable in economic terms, of the value of work, of the pride in being of the world of vocational training”.

Verona Job&Orienta job fair

This Job&Orienta job fair continues to be a relevant meeting point between visitors and the world of work, school and training with information and useful events for young people’s guidance.

Some EfVET Italian members such as ENAIP, ENAC or MCAST showed good practices during the Verona Job & Orienta 2019 fair and organised the workshops. For example, ENAC (EfVET Italian Member) together with students and teachers of Canossian Vocational Training Centers, showed best practices related four areas: fashion, graphics design, wellness and agri-food. 

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