VET Schools Doing Green: From One Staff Week to Another!

In a world that is trying focus on sustainability, vocational education and training (VET) schools are playing a crucial role. The VETsdg project exemplifies this commitment to green education. In February, participants from the VETsdg project gathered in Bilbao at Centro San Viator for the first staff week, where teachers from each partner institution engaged in intensive learning and training sessions. Following several online meetings, the partners reunited in Helsinki from May 14th to 16th.

Alfa College from Groningen, Netherlands, ENAC Ente Nazionale Canossiano Ets from Verona, Italy, Kuressaare Ametikool from Lääne-Eesti, Estonia, Centro San Viator from Sopuerta, Spain and gathered together at Live – Säätiö Sr and Ammattiopisto Luovi Oy in Helsinki to collaborate on developing green activities to enhance VET curricula. During these days, the involved teachers and tutors from each VET center, divided into the same groups as in Bilbao, collaborated by completing the assignments they set in Spain. By comparing with colleagues and collaborating among groups, they accomplished the activities. Several training sessions were also dedicated to: “Orientation to Future Power” held by Pia Törnwall & Kaisa Bibani, “Circular Economy by Ekomo,” and “Sustainability Roadmap in VET.”This second staff week marked another significant step toward integrating sustainability into vocational education. By continuing the work started in Bilbao, teachers and tutors from various VET institutions successfully collaborated, developing new strategies and tools to embed green practices into their curricula and ensuring a lasting impact on future generations of students. We can wait next step of the project see all our research and assignment put into practice. Have you had the chance to find out about the green practices implemented by our VET centers? Check out our playlist on youtube! Creating a more sustainable tomorrow by implementing good practices and sustainable projects in vocational education and training.



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