Vocational training ecosystems in Europe

Exchange of good practices and key success factors

Dual ECOsystems – EU Alliances for ICT” project is promoted by a consortium of 7 partners from 4 different EU countries. The project partners, within the regional/statal Dual System in which they operate, have more or less informally created virtuous local “ecosystems” in the ICT sector to ensure effective local cooperation between the VET actors involved in the delivery of dual training programmes, for the success of all (student/worker, companies, VET institutions).

Such ecosystems normally involve:

  • VET institutions.
  • Companies, Chambers and companies’ representation bodies.
  • Workers’ associations / Trade Unions.
  • Universities.
  • Accreditation and Certification bodies.

Within the partnership, with organisations from Italy, Basque Country, Northern Ireland and Germany, we have identified good practices and the key success factors of each VET ecosystem applying the criteria published by the European Commission which define a Center of Vocational Excellence (CoVE). After this exchange, each partner is now in the phase of piloting some selected best practices, mentored by the partner of reference in each case. The purpose of this pilot experience is to evaluate the transferability of each good practice at a larger scale while adapting it to particular realities with the ultimate goal of improving our VET ecosystems.

Results of the pilots and the handbook with best practices and the description and analysis of each VET ecosystem will be available soon in our website: http://dualeco.eu/

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