Water and Beyond event: “Water as the engine for development and jobs”

Water and Beyond session event “With knowledge and skills: water as the engine for economic development and jobs”

Water and Beyond: EU transformative approaches for international partnerships even was hosted by the European Commission DG-DEVCO and the Government of Slovenia, with the support of Government of Portugal as the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The event was addressed to policy-makers, decision makes who can contribute to ensuring the availability and sustainability management of water and sanitation for all. Water is linked on various levels including an environmental or social perspective. Therefore, water stress and the lack of decent work can exacerbate security challenge. Water is, therefore, essential to decent jobs as well as sustainable development. In mean way the research and studies show a growing lack of qualified workers in the water and water-related sectors.

On Wednesday 20 January 2021 Session 5 “With knowledge and skills: water as the engine for economic development and jobs” was organised by UNESCO and Women for Water Partnership”

Murray Bieder, UNESCO and Lesha Witmer, Women for Water Partnership  were open the session and introduce the first keynote speakers.

Michela Miletto, UNESCO, WWAP coordinator introduce Driver for Employment and sustainable growth. She said that there out four jobs that make up the entire global workforce are water dependent.

Prof Moshood Tijani, African Minister’s Council on Water introduce the background in water resources and jobs and analyse capacity building gaps and the implication for decision making.

Afterwards, the PoVE Water, Young Water Solutions, ILO, Union for the Mediterranean and JRC, EU Sciences Hub were in this panel discussion speakers gave a review of curricula as well how can water create economic development and growth.

Pieter Hoekstra and Erna van der Werff, introduced PoVE Water main results of the project so far. They highlighted that “current and future water sector professional have the work attitude, knowledge and competences that the rapid changing EU Water industry demand.”

Antonella Vagliete, introduce Young Water Fellowship and main aims how to empower early-stage young entrepreneurs from low and middle income countries to set up social businesses that can trackle water, sanitation and hygiene and water scarcity issues.

Almotaz Abadi, introduce showcase commitment by the government, in the institutional and stakeholders side.

Lastly, a parallel break out groups sessions was discussed on two key thematic issues and allowed reflection on water cooperation and role of water in education engagement.

Event presentation will be available soon at this link.

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