“We are all CYANOTYPES!”

On November 22nd, the 4-year project entitled CYANOTYPES was publicly launched in the scope of its first Experts Workshop on Skills Mapping (an event carried out in Helsinki (FI) with more than 60 online and offline participants, focused on discussing alternative models and mapping methodologies and begin to develop scenarios to identify the required skillsets for Cultural & Creative Industries).

CYANOTYPES is part of Alliances for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills, funded by the European Commission Erasmus+ Programme. This project brings together a wide variety of partner organisations, stakeholders, and European networks, including EfVET, to address the needs and skills gaps in the Cultural & Creative Industries (CCI).

As part of a community of change, all partners call for radical change, recognising the sector’s potential for innovation, competitiveness and resilience that reacts to and rebounds from current global challenges such as the global pandemic, digital transition, conflict, and the climate crisis.

Through the integration of specific and transversal skillsets, CYANOTYPES provide context-specific points of entry and responds to disruptive elements into the sector with upskilling and reskilling processes for different stakeholder groups leading to change and innovation in CCI education and training.

Access to CYANOTYPES website (www.cyanotypes.website) and follow the future activities and achievements of the project!

For specific information about how to participate on those activities, contact EfVET Team.

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