Web Log Trade

Website: www.weblogtrade.eu www.wiki.weblogtrade.eu

Coordinator: TuV Rheinland

Contact Details: Dr.carmen giese; TuV Rheinland Academie.

Starting / Ending Date: 1 oktober 2009- 24 sept. 2011

Summary: The Web Log Trade Project is aimed at logistic and wholesale education in and outside VET and companies. Information and course work is being gathered from VET Schools and companies and is placed in the WIKI, free for use for all. The wiki is open and is in constant use and is expanding. Info and course work is available in English, German, Italian, Dutch and Hungarian. Subjects are: logistics; wholesale; marketing and intercultural competences for students and workers. The website and wiki will continue after the project has finished.


Founding Agency: leonardo da vinci

Partners: TuV Rheinland; ROCNoorderpoort; Vocational school Bekescaba, Emilia Romagna;Nemeth Consulting;ERGOLOG

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