Youngsters nowadays. Where from, where to?

Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Turkey are asking “Youngsters nowadays. Where from, where to?” Fátima Hospitality Vocational School, from Portugal, is taking part in an Erasmus + KA 2 partnership, together with partners from Greece, Italy, Romania (that coordinates) and Turkey.

insignare (Portugal)

The Youngsters nowadays. Where from, where to? project faces the changes today’s society has made to people, forcing them to live under pressure. Youngsters nowadays have to comply with increased educational requirements and needs, which will be beneficial for the future professional demands, and they have to keep up with the information speed, which can be seen even in their dietary tendencies. They have to face discrimination, social exclusion, and environmental issues. In order to deal with these constant challenges, it is necessary that they should acquire and improve the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will give them the chance to tackle these continuous alterations successfully.

Its results will be both intangible: the participants’ increase of health and wellbeing, leisure time spent more constructively, reading habits improvement, better preparation for job market, environmentally-friendly attitude, raise of cultural awareness, increase in tolerance and respect for the people who are different, the continuance of education and better ICT and English skills, and tangible, namely the final products:

  • ‘Let’s know what we eat and drink’
  • ‘Let’s do sports’
  • ‘ Youngsters’ leisure time activities’
  • ‘Youngsters’ literature’ ,‘The environment-our common goal’
  • ’The environment between consumption and jobs’, ‘Am I prepared for the job market?’ ,
  • and also the campaigns, the project ETwin space.

They can be found, and used by everyone who is interested, at ETwinning platform  and our website. 

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