“YOUnique4EU project: the Soft skills mapping toolkit for VET learners

ERASMUS+ KA2 VET project “YOUnique4EU”: the Soft skills mapping toolkit for VET learners

To date partners from Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Portugal completed the first output of the project “YOUnique4EU(2019-1-DE02-KA202-006119), the Soft skills mapping toolkit for VET learners. Assuming that the importance of soft skills increases continuously, the project looks to reveal the individual potential in VET learners to smooth their transition into the labour market.

The toolkit helps VET learners to identify a strategy on how to meet employers’ or host companies’ needs and expectations, being aware of what soft skills to present and how to communicate those convincingly as part of their entire set of talents. Thus, by using the YOUnique interactive, game-based mapping tools, VET learners can improve their knowledge on:

  • What is meant when talking about soft skills and their crucial importance for a job position or later progression towards management level or entrepreneurial positions;
  • Required 21st-century soft skills related to the business sector or for application purposes (job offers, international mobility, voluntary, etc.);
  • Different views on the supply of soft skills: what do employers expect, how do learners perceive themselves;
  • The concept of being “entrepreneur of own human resources” and tools for self-mapping and external assessment such as worksheets, quizzes and an online self-assessment form.

The ERASMUS+ KA2 for VET project “YOUnique4EU” (2019-2021) aims at training VET learners on how to map their soft skills and on how to present them in a digital application process for a job position or an internship at local or international level.

Soft skills are meant as qualities, skills and qualifications that enable both professional and personal success in addition to hard skills. They relate to personal competences, social skills and methodological competences needed at the workplace. Even if school grades and technical knowledge are important, soft skills can complement own set of talents and concretely make the difference!

Project consortium:

  • IHK-Projektgesellshaft (Germany, Coordinator)
  • Universität Rostock (Germany)
  • Reattiva (Italy)
  • Smebox (Sweden)
  • Mentortec (Portugal)

For further details on the soft skills mapping toolkit please visit the website and the project Facebook page #younique4eu.

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