Birgitta Johansson

Birgitta was a member of the EfVET Steering Committee from 2001 until her retirement in 2008.

She was the International Coordinator of the Department of Education in Malmö, southern Sweden, where her responsibilities included the promotion of international relations for students and staff in secondary schools and adult education. She initiated, developed, and promoted European and international exchange and projects in all. She also managed several EU projects under the Comenius, Leonardo and Arion programmes; the Leonardo programme LENTEC (Learning English for Technical Purposes) and Comenius programme ALCUIN (Active Literacy, Competence and Understanding etc.) were disseminated at EfVET annual conferences.

Birgitta was a member of the national working group on education, organised and managed by the Swedish EU Programme Office in Stockholm, and of the Eurocities Working Group on Education, organised and managed centrally by the EU in Brussels.

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