Capacity Building for Intermediary Organisations through e-learning


In many countries of the Southern and Eastern Europe, current legislative reform is moving the apprenticeship system from a 100% school-based system towards a company based system. However, neither the intermediary organisations nor the companies are ready in order to cope with this change.

The E-APPREN project is aiming to build the capacity of the intermediary organisations to support apprenticeships through the organisation of e-learning courses. The intermediary organisations are going to identify 30 best practices that could be replicable in their countries and make a research for the identification of the training needs of the staff working in the intermediary organisations on the one hand and mentors/ staff working in SMEs on the other hand. On the basis of this research, the partnership is going to develop e-learning training material and then organise e-learning courses to intermediary organisations in the partner countries but also in a European level. The emphasis of the training courses would be put to the raise of the awareness of the apprenticeships to SMEs but it would touch many other subjects related with the organisation of an apprenticeship.

The project is going to develop also a matching tool that would facilitate the selection of the most appropriate candidate from the SMEs and the general monitoring of the apprenticeship. The staff of the intermediate organisations that is going to get trained is then going to practically implement the skills acquired through: organisation of seminars on apprenticeship with SMEs, organisation of e-learning courses for mentors/ staff of SMEs, provision of ongoing continuous support to apprenticeships, organisation of pilot test of the matching tool. Also, 2 policy making seminars are going to be organised. The project envisages a significant increase in the number of SMEs engaging in apprenticeships with a target of at least 200 new SMEs organising for the first time an apprenticeship during the project.

Coordination: Action Synergy S.A

Contacts: Kostas Diamantis Balaskas – euprograms@action.gr



G.G.Eurosuccess Consulting LTD, CY

Limassol chamber, CY

Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Slovenia, SI




CCI-Dobrich, BG

Funding Agency: EACEA 572727-EPP-1-2016-1-EL-EPPKA3-SUP-APPREN

Duration: 1.10.2016 -30.09.2018


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