ICARO: Innovative Curriculum for Adult Learners on soft skills



EU labour force survey (EU LFS) states that around 75% of adults in Europe have completed at least upper secondary education. This means that adults with educational attainment below the upper secondary level represent around a quarter of the European adult population. About the need to improve soft skills (which are intangible and difficult to quantify. Some examples of soft skills include analytical thinking, verbal and written communication, and leadership) in adult learners for their (re)integration into labour market, the Council Resolution on a renewed European agenda for adult learning 52011/c3372/01) explains that to face consequences of the economic crisis, there is a need for adults regularly to enhance their personal and professional skills and competences. Given the current instability in the labour market and the need to reduce the risk of social exclusion, this applies particularly to the low-skilled and the low-qualified. The Council Resolution also underlines the need of making better use of ICT in the context of adult learning to widen access and improving the quality of provision, by exploiting new opportunities for distance learning and the creation of e-learning tools and platforms to reach new target groups, in particular those with special needs or who live in remote areas”

The EQVET WG on Supporting adult learning continuing VET and soft skills development (2015) stresses the importance of soft skills on job permanence, and employers are requiring that candidates possess both. For the accreditation issue, there is no agreement about a universal set of indicators for measuring soft skills acquisition. Little information is available concerning credit-based qualifications in adult education and training.

The EQVET WG states that it is important to consider which methods to use for the assessment and/or recognition of soft skills by AL providers, employers and learners themselves (self-assessment)


Therefore, ICARO has the following general (GOs) and specific (SOs) objectives:

GO1: improve the employability and social inclusion of unemployed adult learners through the design and development of a holistic methodology

GO2: Improve training of adults’ educators/employment officer working with adult learners SOs1.1: improve stable collaboration among regional stakeholders’ through the creation of Local Action Groups per region

SOs1.2: Design and practical application of an online Curriculum on soft skills for unemployed adult learners with difficulties to (re) access into labour market

SOs1.3: Enhance ICT skills in target groups through the use of online training portal SOs2.1: co-creation of teaching/mentoring methodology to support the acquisition of soft skills in unemployed adult learners

SOs2.2: Organization of transnational practical application of the methodology to adult educators

SOs2.3: Organize valorization events in partner countries with AE learners ICARO has to be carried out transnationally because the needs have been identified transnationally and arose from a reality transcending the borders of a single state (the reality of lack of accredited curriculum on social skills for long term unemployed groups).

Design an accredited curriculum on soft skills for adult education as part of an innovative methodology with a holistic approach of the adult learner (case management) and with customized training oaths taking into account social and multicultural issues of AE earners. It can be achieved effectively only through transnational partnership which owns a diverse expertise based on a plurality of practices, experience and inputs, gathered by working in various environments and cultures (partner from different 6 countries encompassing different local contexts and approaches); Adult learners staff will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge to offer by this innovative and collaborative training programme.


Servicio Regional de Empleo y Formacion de la Region de Murcia (Spain)

Contact details: Carmen Maria Zamora Parraga – ICAROSEF@carm.es


Dublin City University, Ireland

Socialiniu Inovaciju Fondas, Lithuania

Hamburger Volkshochschule, Germany

Duration: 1.09.2017- 31.09.2019

LinkedIn: @ICARO Innovative Curriculum on Soft Skills for Adult Learners

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