The purpose of the project is to develop the skills of apprentices, Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) or the equivalent, in organisations such as educational establishments. They will be trainees or employed to offer support to young people who experience difficulties (e.g., physical / sensory difficulties; learning difficulties; emotional / behavioural difficulties), and who aspire to access vocational training and / or experience. For this group, there is no established training route that is consistent across regions and contexts, or which focuses on developing skills in mentoring.

Even where recognised courses do exist, they are designed for a conventional classroom and not for a vocational setting, or for working with people who experience difficulties. ImpleMentor aims to overcome these hurdles.

The ImpleMentor partnership is made up of private, voluntary and public sector organisations, who are experienced in developing innovative training solutions and in working with the target groups.

Aims and Objectives

To develop and pilot an accredited training programme for apprentice mentors or LSAs or equivalent, which is specific to this context, common across the partners, and which includes mentoring skills as a core unit.

The objectives of ImpleMentor are:
• To research the role of apprentices, mentors and LSAs in the different partner countries, and compare and ‘match’ the training provision available to them.
• To develop a work-based training route focusing on the skills needed to support young people into employment / vocational training.
• To develop a mentoring training module, based on the current ‘Understanding Peer Mentoring’ and ‘Introduction to Peer Mentoring’ courses developed through the Peer Mentor Support programme, to add value to existing provision.
• To exchange existing training materials to create a bank of training materials on which all partners can draw, thereby filling gaps in provision.
• To identify a pilot group to trial the mentoring module and collective training materials.

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