INLESSON – Training in the field of professions in beauty sector

INLESSON – First Training Course in the field of professions in beauty sector. An e-learning approach!

Esprominho is actively working as a partner in the project nº 2019-1-LT01-KA202-060758 INLESSON (Innovative teaching and learning practice in the field of professions in beauty sector, funded by the European Commission under Erasmus+ Programme.

The main goal of this project (10/2019-03/2021) is to strengthen a teaching process in the field of professions in beauty sector (beauticians, hairdressers) by sharing international experience and using digital technologies for more innovative teaching practice.

The project is being implemented by 5 partners from 4 EU countries with necessary knowledge and expertise to achieve sustainable results:

Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Center (Project coordinator, Lithuania), Centrum voor Volwassenenonderwijs HIK (Belgium), vzw Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen (Belgium), Action Synergy S.A. (Greece), and Escola Profissional do Minho (Portugal).

As regards the Outputs of the project, they are:

– The blended learning modules for beauticians and hairdressers whose aim is to create digital learning materials for VET teachers in beauty sector based on blended learning;
– The guidelines for the development of digital learning materials for blended learning in the beauty sector to provide VET teachers of beauty sector with the basic necessary knowledge to create digital learning materials.
– The methodology how to organise blended learning (pedagogical approach) for beauty sector in order to provide VET teachers of beauty sector with the basic necessary pedagogical knowledge on how to organise blended learning for students.

The kick-off meeting of the project INLESSON was held on 7-8 November, 2019; in Kaunas, Lithuania and was hosted by Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Center. During the meeting, partners have established the working packages to be delivered during the project.

The training activities were held on 17-20 February, 2020, in Geel, Belgium. VET teachers have learned how to bring theory to students, how students can make individual exercises and how they can be stimulated in collaborative learning by using various IT tools and digital content for blended learning. VET teachers have also learned how to organise blended learning.

The next activities of this project will take place in September 2020 (2nd transnational project meeting in Greece), October 2020 (Training activities in Portugal), and December 2020 (Training activities in Lithuania).

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