INT-SME: Europe Supports education on internationalization

The project INT-SME is meant for SME’s, but the training material can be very effectively used for teachers in the classroom as a good ready-made tool to develop students’ entrepreneurial spirit. Containing the newest information on strategies of development and support schemes, full of case studies and success stories from real life, presented in an innovative manner, the training course of INT-SME is an eye-opening teaching material, which will inspire anyone for the success.

Our students today will be our partners tomorrow, and very likely we will be their clients. We want them to be successful in their work and business and thus become happy members of society.

How can I finance my international sales? How can I ensure I’ll get paid for my export sales? How long will it take to see a profit from my export sales? What agencies, groups, or others can provide assistance to my company on the various facets of selling abroad? Is their advice essential? How much will this expertise cost?How do I know which firm has the right qualifications? One will get answers to these and many more questions after completing INT-SME training that has been created by an international consortium of experienced business teachers, trainers and consultants within the framework of INT-SME (518685-LLP-1-2011-1-GR-LEONARDO-LMP) development of innovation project.

The consortium, consisting of 5 partners from 5 EU countries: ATLANTIS SYMBOYLEYTIKH S.A. (EL), Zernike Group Holding B.V. (NL), Marijampolės profesinio rengimo centras (LT), Instituto Andaluz de Tecnología (ES) and European Business & Innovation Centre Network- EBN (BE).

The latter is a network of BICs from all over Europe, which is an important factor in reaching the target group. And not only this. At the end of the project EBN will provide free soft landing services for SME‘s who will have completed the training course and want to internationalize.
The project aims primarily at the European innovation / research driven SMEs, and particularly SMEs who are tenants at BICs. More information on the website:

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