INternationalisation and Mobility in the students Curricula


Coordinator: Landstede Group

Contact Details: project coordinator Margrieta Kroese

Starting / Ending Date: 01-11-2010 / 31-10-2012


INtheMC Eight partners from seven countries collaborate in this two year long project. Transfer of the outcomes of a Finnish National research project about internationalisation is the basis for a new Leonardo da Vinci project, entitled INternationalisation and Mobility in the students Curricula™. The final aim of INtheMC is to get more participation in both internationalisation programmes and student mobility in Europe. To reach this we will target all stakeholders: teachers, management, students and the field. We will provide several tools for each target group, that are ready-to-use and free to download!
This means that teachers and trainers can download background information on internationalisation and guidelines for the student assignments as well as the student assignments themselves. So you can just print it, read it and use it in your classroom! No more searching on websites, or losing time by designing assignments or team projects yourself!
Introduction of the partners
Partners from all over Europe have joined the project: France, Scotland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Spain and from the Netherlands both the Landstede Groep and Ecabo are represented. The project is coordinated by Margrieta Kroese from Landstede. There are several organizations involved to get a strong consortium: Four Vocational Educational Training -institutes (VET), two Universities, an organization involved in training of entrepreneurs and a national knowledge center.

Work packages
Besides Dissemination, Exploitation and Quality/Project management work packages were written for the Research, Products and Piloting of the outcomes. All work packages were discussed in the first meeting, but will be on the agenda again, once that special project phase starts.

We aim to provide each target group with materials ready to use. Management will be addressed by a management summation. After the summer break teachers and trainers will find manuals and educational materials on the website. And why not – students, if assignments have not been provided by teachers, will be able to download assignments themselves and prepare for international experiences.

Work in progress
In Warsaw we discussed the National research, and right now we are in the middle of desk and field research. We look into national figures about mobility, curricula, search for best and bad practices and discuss internationalisation with management. Teachers in all participating countries, our primary target group, are asked to fill in a questionnaire. The data and outcome will be developed by three Dutch students from Windesheim University. National reports will go online at the end of February 2011, the international report at April. The website wil be in the air starting 1 March 2011.

Founding Agency: National Agency NL

Partners: Angus College UK; Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri ES; Johannes Gutenberg Universität DE; Kazimierz Wieki University PL; MPRC LT; Ecabo NL; i2er FR

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