Leonardo Pilot Project SKILLDA

2004-07: Leonardo Pilot project ”Skills demonstration abroad” (SKILLDA).
The theme ”skills demonstrations” or ”competence based qualifications” has been a main theme for European countries in the past few years. However, the educational systems, practices, and traditions in different countries vary quiet a lot. Students are encouraged to do part of their on-the-job-learning abroad and to do skills demonstrations during these periods. Because of the differences between the countries, it is difficult to organize skills demonstrations in foreign companies qualitatively, that means in the way that the requirements of the national curriculum of the sending country are met. This project is planned to tackle this problem in order to develop manuals for the use of all involved. We work with the educational sectors textile and catering, and later the results can be adapted to any education. We have also applied for a mobility project in order to test the material.

There are 22 partners (schools and companies) in five countries (FI, DK, NL, HU and BE). The Savo Consortium for Education in Finland is the co-ordinator, and EFVET is in as a disseminator.

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