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Let’s play VET will contribute in rethinking the teaching paradigm though an innovative VET methodology that will put young VET students at the centre of the learning process in a pro-active way. The innovative methodology will be inspired by the concept of ͞learning playlists͟, meaning a training module constituted by a set of learning experiences that students have to complete to receive a positive evaluation. The learning experiences composing the VET playlists developed in the project will be blended, they will include innovative E-learning assignments; mobility abroad, study visits, seminars, participation in other local community event or initiatives, production of videos of pictures etc. The partners have identified a series of needs interesting VET learners in the European socio-economic context. Although number of efforts are being made by the Member States to improve VET offer and its attractiveness, the number of dropouts from education and training, including from initial VET (iVET) is still high. Several EU countries are facing many problems in implementing successful strategies to prevent this phenomenon but their dropout rates are well above of the EU-28 average, the 2015 Education and Training monitor report showed that the current early school leaving rate in Europe is at 11,1% against the target of 10% fixed by the Eu2020 strategy. Some EU states lag behind especially in Spain (21.9%) and Italy (15%) which are the countries where the project will develop and test an innovative VET methodology. The main focus is on the need of reducing the actual rates of earlier leavers to 10% by 2020.


  1. To develop, test and mainstream an innovative VET methodology based on the concept of learning playlist
  2. To increase the attractiveness of VET education in young people, families and the society
  3. To improve the competences of VET providers in tackling early school leaving of young people with difficult background.

In order to achieve these outputs all partners will be responsible for the implementation of the project according to a management strategy outlined since the beginning of the activities. 7 transnational meetings held every 6 months will be organised to assess the project development and coordinating the activities. Moreover, the project will offer to 30 students of the VET providers in the opportunity to have a 3-weeks (21 days) individual work experience in another EU country, in line with the VET Curriculum tested (Graphic Designer). The duration has been chosen to combine the time required to obtain the expected results, the curricular duration of these courses and absence from school.

Expected results

The expected results of the project are linked to the specific objectives: – an innovative VET playlist module will be crated and tested. – increased attractiveness of VET for in young people and families. – Increased competences and tool at disposal of VET trainers – Raised awareness in policy makers on this innovative learning tools which can be used in other field of education and sectors, to foster the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities and improve their transition to the labour market. – Improved integration of key competences and learning mobility in VET curricula The project will improve the competences of VET providers in tackling early school leaving of young people with difficult background in different ways: increasing competences in trainers to support young people with difficult backgrounds, increasing engagement in IVET of young students with difficult background and raising awareness in decision makers about learning playlist as a way to contrast dropout. More or less 2000 people will benefit, both directly or indirectly, of the project.


  • Associazione Cnos-Fap Regione Emilia Romagna (Italy)


  • Congregación San Francisco de Sales – Instituto Politécnico Salesiano (Spain)
  • Uniser Soc.Coop. Onlus (Italy)
  • Bdgecraft Ireland Limited, (Ireland)
  • EfVET (Belgium)
  • SZÁMALK-Szalézi Szakgimnázium (Hungary)


Start: 02/10/2017 – End: 01/012/2020


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