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MICROIDEA and Tourism sector – 1st meeting

EfVET recently participated in the first Steering Committee meeting of MICROIDEA, an innovative project aimed at promoting more inclusive forms of learning within the Tourism sector. The project seeks to achieve this by introducing a pioneering approach to the implementation and recognition of micro-credentials. The meeting took place from April 18th to 19th and was hosted by p-Consulting in Patras, Greece. It brought together all project partners, along with the Project Officer in attendance remotely, to review the progress made thus far and to outline a strategic roadmap for future developments.

During the meeting, attendees were briefed on the preliminary findings of research reports, which focused on analyzing skills needs within the Tourism sector and examining the vocational education and training (VET) landscapes across the partner countries. These reports will soon be made available to the public, providing valuable insights into the project’s scope and objectives.

One of the key outcomes of the meeting was the initiation of efforts to develop a platform for mapping occupations within the Tourism sector. This platform will play a pivotal role in MICROIDEA’s mission to establish a micro-credential system aligned with ISO/IEC 17024 certification standards. By identifying specific occupations within the sector, the project aims to create targeted training and certification pathways that address the evolving needs of the industry.

EfVET assumes a significant role in the Dissemination Work Package. Collaborating closely with p-Consulting, EfVET is responsible for spearheading all dissemination and communication activities throughout the project’s duration, which extends until December 2026. This partnership underscores EfVET’s commitment to advancing vocational education and training initiatives that drive innovation and inclusivity within the Tourism sector.

In addition to its role in dissemination, EfVET is actively engaged in various other aspects of the MICROIDEA project, contributing to the development of activities and deliverables aimed at achieving its overarching goals. Through its involvement, EfVET seeks to leverage its expertise and network to ensure the success and impact of the project on a broader scale.

Looking ahead, stakeholders can anticipate further updates and opportunities to engage with the MICROIDEA project. As developments unfold and milestones are reached, EfVET will continue to provide timely updates and invitations for participation, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the vocational education and training community.

In summary, the first Steering Committee meeting of MICROIDEA marks a significant milestone in the project’s journey towards revolutionizing learning and credentialing within the Tourism sector. With EfVET at the forefront of dissemination efforts and active engagement across project activities, MICROIDEA is poised to make meaningful strides in promoting inclusivity and innovation in vocational education and training.

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