Stand by Me: Eurosuccess Consulting supporting and educating professionals within the care-leaving system

Stand by Me: Eurosuccess Consulting supporting and educating professionals within the care-leaving system

Eurosuccess Consulting participates in the European project “Social-Ecological approaches for care-leavers inclusion through participatory policymaking” – Stand by Me, a JUSTICE project co-funded by the EU with the aim to shape enabling pathways for children ageing out of the alternative care. Among other activities, training and capacity building sessions for professionals, experts and policy-makers were implemented to improve their skills and to empower and promote young care leavers’ participation. The project started on 01/09/2018 and will conclude on 31/10/2020.

What is Stand by Me project about?

The Stand by Me project aims to empower children leaving/ageing out of alternative care and to design, with them, new inclusive pathways to independent living.

The project involves innovative training sessions for professionals, policy-makers and stakeholders to design policy strategies and training programs to promote a rounded approach on aftercare solutions. For this reason, three training sessions were completed in each partner country with the participation of policy-makers and professionals, with the main aim to improve their competencies and skills in order to better understand and tackle issues and difficulties that arise during the care-leaving process. An open-source board game, the “Gameboard”, created within the project will work as an educational tool that professionals can use to support young people and adults (14+ years old) who are leaving the care system to think and act independently.

At the end of the project, a “Common Working Protocol for Care-leavers” will be developed by the consortium to set up a transnational Alliance of Cities that will work jointly in order to achieve minimum standards for care-leaving processes and after-care outcomes, promoting a long-term and sustainable approach in a transnational perspective.

What are the objectives of this project?

The main objectives of the project are to:

– Shape enabling pathways for children ageing out of alternative care
– Improve capacities of professionals to support care leavers
– Improve effectiveness of leaving care mechanisms at a local and EU level
– Enhance efficacy and efficiency of leaving care mechanisms and procedures, by involving targeted young care-leavers in their design
– Design and develop the Stand by Me Gameboard website
– Develop the “Common Working Protocol for Care-leavers”

Who can benefit from the Stand by Me project?

– Young care leavers
– Policy makers and representatives of local public authorities
– Experts, professionals, youth leaders, social workers, etc.
– Representatives of relevant stakeholders (CSOs, schools, VET centers, etc.)
– Beneficiaries involved in awareness campaigns

Ongoing project activities: The consortium is in the process of developing and testing in each partner country the results of the project.

The consortium

The European dimension of the Stand by Me project is ensured through a diverse consortium of partners from four European countries: Italy (Citta Metropolitana di Milano, Codici and Spazio aperto), Cyprus (Eurosuccess Consulting), Romania (Asociatio Mergi Inainte) and Sweden (Fryshuset).

If you require more information about the project, please contact Eurosuccess Consulting via email at or visit our corporate website:

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