EfVET is a member of the  community within the framework of the FIELDS project. The project partners represent over 10 Member States and several EU networks as well as different stakeholders in the education and employment sectors such as training providers, farmers, food industry and civil society representatives. Together they have worked on creating occupational profiles, curricula and training programmes to close the skill gaps in the agri-food sector. In addition, they were tasked with developing a sectoral alliance to address education and training needs in the agri-food sector: this alliance has taken the shape of a large-scale partnership within the Pact for Skills.
The Pact for Skills aims to mobilise a concerted effort for quality investment in up- and reskilling Europe’s workforce. As part of the Pact, EfVET will concentrate its efforts on ensuring both technical and transversal skills are given the appropriate attention and investment. The holistic approach to skills taken by EfVET means that the learners must develop technical skills alongside transversal skills to allow them to navigate the green transition and adapt to the changes in their fields and in society. The skills and competences to be built by the FIELDS training programmes take into account the different competence frameworks developed at EU level such as DigComp, EntreComp, GreenComp, the work on transversal skills and competences as well as the Key Competences for lifelong Learning as overarching guide. If you are not involved  yet in upskilling and reskilling in the agri-food sector – joint now in the Pact for Skills.

The objective of these guidelines is to assist partners affiliated with the FIELDS or I-RESTART project in enrolling for the Pack for Skills. To initiate the process, partners have to access the following link and fulfil the Application Form.

For further information you can send an email to the coordinators: or

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