Women Entrepreneurs in Rural Tourism

Website: www.europe.nortcoll.ac.uk/wert/index.html

Coordinator: Rosaleen Courtney

Contact Details: 00 44 1761 438 502

Starting / Ending Date: 10/2010 – 09/2012

Summary: The \’Women Entrepreneurs in Rural Tourism\’ project, or WERT for short, is a collaborative partnership between eight training institutions and networks from six countries across Europe. The project is supported by the European Union through the Leonardo da Vinci programme, aimed at improving the vocational education systems of Europe.

The project aims to meet the needs and build the skills of women entrepreneurs involved in rural tourism and crafts and to improve the quality of training provided by the vocational education sector. The project builds on the findings of a previous project called European Rural Tourism Development (ERTD).

The WERT training programme developed within this pilot initiative is aimed to help the following groups:

Women entrepreneurs involved in rural tourism, crafts and food production
Women who wish to enter the sector in order to become economically active and independent
Vocational training providers to help women entrepreneurs develop the required business skills e.g. Management, Information Technology and Marketing
Timeframe: October 2010 – September 2012

Primary outcioomes are:

A needs analysis survey to identify the issues affecting women entrepreneurs in rural tourism, their training needs for business development and the best means of delivering training
A training package using a variety of innovative learning methods to suit women entrepreneurs including e-learning
Pilot and evaluation of the training package involving target groups
An area on our website for networking and marketing across Europe
Comments: The WERT training course will be piloted with target groups in partner countries and evaluated. It will then be made available to women entrepreneurs across Europe to help build new skills and jobs in rural economies.

Email: rosaleen.courtney@nortcoll.ac.uk

Founding Agency: UK National Agency

NRC, UK; EDEX, CY; PRISMA, GR; Cebanc, ES; Association of Cypriot Women in Tourism,CY; YSAO, FI; Vocational Centre of Pärnu County & Eesti Maaturism, EE; EfVET

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