2nd Transnational Partners’ Meeting of NSB project (March 4th – 6th, Sicily, IT)

No One Stays Behind (NSB) partners gathered in the beginning of March in Catania for the second Transnational Partners’ Meeting (TPM) of the project, hosted by IIS Concetto Marchesi and its team!

During three days, a full agenda allowed partners to participate in ice-breaking activities aimed at strengthening their connection to ensure the continuation of a fruitful cooperation between them, and to discuss the progress done so far in the development of all of NSB results, which must be concluded and translated into the languages of the partnership (EL, EN, IT, PT, SI and TR) until the end of June, in time for the project’s final TPM and Conference, to be held in Braga (Portugal), in July.

As partner responsible for Dissemination, EfVET reminded all partners of the importance of presenting the project to their schools’ community as a way to engage potential end users with NSB results, and to use their websites and social media channels to share news about the project’s activities and achievements.

At the end of this meeting, and after the Certificate of Participation delivery session, each partner took some homework to do to ensure the main purpose of the project is achieved in time: to tackle the challenges of Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) young people and Vocational Education and Training (VET) students’ early school leaving by developing a set of outcomes rooted in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) methodology.

NSB results are aimed at young people, VET students and VET teachers:

  • App for android and IOS, a diagnosis tool based on gamification, aimed at young peoples’ self-assessment of skills and knowledge in specific areas of VET curricula to help them becoming motivated to attend Summer School activities guided by Mentors;
  • E-Book “The Role of Mentor… in 1 minute!”, an interactive tool that allows to understand the role, responsibilities, profile and benefits of being a Mentor, i.e., someone who supports young people/students to recover their learning process;
  • Digital Guide “Summer School… Manual”, a guideline containing tips and suggestions on how to conduct a Summer School activity, with virtual scientific experiences, that can be used separately or with the remaining NSB results;
  • Evaluation Management Platform, and online tool aimed to measure the usability of NSB results based on their quantitative and qualitative analysis by their end-users.

NSB project will be concluded in August 31st 2024. Until then, these are the next activities of the project where all partners, including EfVET, will be participating:

  • Last Staff Learning Activity, hosted by NSB Turkish Partner Antalya Anatolian Vocational and Technical High School (May 13th – 17th);
  • Conclusion of all results;
  • Final NSB Transnational Partners’ Meeting, hosted by NSB Coordinator Escola Profissional Amar Terra Verde (Portugal, July 15th – 17th);
  • Final NSB Conference, in Braga (Portugal, July 16th).

For more Information about this project, please visit its website (https://nsb-erasmus.eu/) or contact EfVET (efvet-office@efvet.org).

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