Amoove21 – Agricultural Mo(o)ve with 21st century skills

Amoove21 – Agricultural Mo(o)ve with 21st century skills

Amoove21 is an Erasmus+ KA2 project that brings together students and professionals from five Agricultural VET colleges from Norway, Sweden, Finland, and The Netherlands. Amoove21 focuses on three main fields of education: Livestock & dairy farming, Equine & horse management and Animal care. The aim is on creating a sustainable network in which annually accredited learning mobility opportunities are offered to VET Agricultural students representing the partner institutions and other agricultural VET providers.

Within the Amoove21 project, agricultural VET students, teachers and professionals have been able to work together and learn from each other by developing and piloting international learning modules. Originally the idea was to do concrete Erasmus+ mobilities where students would take part in the learning units at the partner schools, however due to Covid-19 we had to rethink our plans and begin our testing virtually. We sincerely hope that the transnational mobilities can commence in September 2021 and that the students will be able to learn and develop not only their vocational skills but also their 21st century skills.

The learning units always begins with virtual assignments in which the entire class can participate. This virtual assignment will be followed by an actual training at one the different VET colleges and local organisations. Students will meet other students and take part in lessons and make study visits to agricultural farms and businesses.

The outcomes of the project will also help to increase teachers’ international experience and professionalism. The Amoove21 learning units are being developed by the teachers representing the partner organisations. The units are developed in accordance with ECVET standards and will be also disseminated on the eTwinning platform. During the project the teachers have had transnational meetings face-to-face, in smaller work groups and during teachers’ virtual meetings. To be able to develop and implement the units the teachers have also participated in workshops held by experts on topics such as eTwinning and ECVET.

One of the projects main aims is to increase students accredited 21st century skills to become competitive in a growing international labor market. Through virtual international orientation at home and by physically participating in the learning units offered abroad, students within the agricultural field will become able to develop digital, theoretical, practical, social and cultural skills which will enhance their chances to be competitive on an international labor market. Amoove21 will give agricultural students opportunities to study abroad and increase vocational competences in areas that aren’t offered in their own school or in the country they live in. Amoove21 will also enable students and teachers to develop contacts will last for a lifetime!

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