#DiscoverYourTalent: Students at Escola de Comércio de Lisboa

Vanessa Pinto and Afonso Santos had the chance to attend the second European Vocational Week in Brussels. Vanessa and Alfonso are students at the Escola de Comércio de Lisboa, Portugal, they share with us their impressions about this week.

Vanessa Pinto and Afonso Santos


An amazing trip to Brussels with amazing people, each one with their own characteristics, but who came together as one…

If we had to define this week – European Vocational Skills Week 2017 – it would be the sharing of experiences, because it was a true life sharing experience between the group and the members of the conference.

Everyone was there sharing their own knowledge about VET: how they teach, how their students are in school and what skills students take to the working world. We must ensure that everyone understands what VET offers, both to students and companies, as well as its great benefits towards the near future.

Above all VET must be more valued, and we need to make it students’ 1st choice or at least as valued as the traditional education.

We were able to enjoy this experience thanks to JAP – Junior Achievement Portugal that has offered us this amazing experience, and has trusted upon us to represent the Portuguese committee.

We would like to thank them.

A special thanks to the European Commission for financing the trip and promoting a week of true sharing experiences. A one of a kind learning experience that we would like to share with people outside VET because they are the ones who need to know about it!

Thanks to our school – Escola de Comércio de Lisboa – for providing us with these skills, values and opportunities.

Let’s keep up the good work!

This article was originally published on EfVET Magazine issue of December 2017

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