e-MOTIVE presents results

HETEL presents secondary education students the internationalization possibilities of VET through the e-MOTIVE project

HETEL (Spain)

hetel2Vocational education also offers students international experiences. On the 4th of May, HETEL presented, together with Euskaltel Konekta Foundation, the Erasmus+ project e-MOTIVE to show this reality to 80 students in upper secondary education.

The project is an international experience implemented on a higher VET programme on mechanical manufacturing design where students and teachers from VET centres associated to HETEL (La Salle Berrozpe and Egibide) and from an Italian VET college have worked together to design, solve, present and evaluate a given challenge in this field (the design of a wind turbine).

The process followed during the project is gathered in e-MOTIVE methodology. With it, HETEL has aimed to show that internationalization does not necessarily involve physical mobility and working in an international context is possible also from one´s school.

You can access more information on the project in these links: http://e-motive.vet/ and https://youtu.be/C-8yP2Y12tA

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