EfVET in Antalya

EfVET in Antalya, Türkiye

The European Perspective of Erasmus+ Accreditation and the importance of cooperation for increasing quality and standardisation in VET: EfVET in Antalya, Türkiye

In parallel to No One Stays Behind (NSB) project’s Learning Activity, held in Antalya (Türkiye), Susana Nogueira was invited by the  Provincial Directorate of National Education (PDNE) as speaker on a session titled “Erasmus+ Vocational Education Accreditation from the European Perspective and the Importance of Cooperation for Increasing Quality and Standardization in Vocational Education”, in representation of EfVET.

The main objectives of the session included raising participants’ awareness and motivation for strengthening the European dimension of teaching and learning in VET, understanding the importance of international cooperation to carry out high-quality mobility projects, and to form quality partnerships across the EU and beyond while developing VET schools’ internationalisation strategy.

This session, held in the morning of May 15th 2024, in the Conference Room of the PDNE, gathered around 60 VET Teachers coming from different VET schools in Antalya, who were introduced to EfVET, its purposes, and to its activities and initiatives (which also target EfVET Turkish Members), and to Erasmus+ Programme, its objectives and priorities, with special focus on Erasmus Accreditation, its benefits for VET Schools, Teachers and Learners, and Erasmus Plan. Throughout the session, practical examples were provided based on EfVET and its Members’ experiences with Erasmus+ Programme.

At the end of the session, after Susana Nogueira answered to some of participants’ questions, individually, she met with the Director of the PDNE who kindly thanked her for accepting the invitation to be speaker and for EfVET contributions to the discussions about the relevance of Erasmus+ Programme for cross-border cooperation.

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