EfVET Italian National Board

On the 28th of May 2019, the Italian members of EfVET met to discuss cooperation, advocacy priorities and actions to be jointly promoted at national level at the premises of the EfVET member ENAIP Veneto (Padova, Italy).

The meeting was chaired by Stefano Tirati, Vice President of EfVET and national representative of Italy and counted with the participation of Monica Verzola (ENAIP), Simona Puggioni and Luca Calligaro (ENAC), Andrea Bianchi (Fondazione Maddalena di Canossa), Paolo Nardi (COMETA), Rita Festi and Lara Paone (SCF), Lucia Mancino (UNISER), Giampiero Costantini  (Euroform), and Mario Spatafora (Effebi).

The EfVET President, Prof Joachim James Calleja, EfVET Vice-President (Policy), Stelios Mavromoustakos and the German National Representative, Gaby Tinnemeier joined the meeting via a live online conference from abroad. Their contributions were focused on some points of the EfVET 2019-2022 strategy. At an organizational level on the importance of the national boards to contribute to the implementation of this strategy has been reiterated. Some of the aspects of the strategy that have been highlighted with particular emphasis were the responsibilities of the Steering Committee and how to attract more members and be more influential at the European level.

It was stressed that VET policies can also be influenced at the national level and that VET image should also be promoted at the national level.

Italian EfVET members survey

Luca Calligaro (ENAC) presented the results of the survey launched among the EfVET italian members to define the priority areas on which to focus efforts and joint work. The 3 most voted areas were:

1. VET image, i.e.

  • Perception of vocational training, develop identity, dignity, excellence
  • VET for continuity in life for competitiveness in enterprises
  • To make the excellence of vocational training, VET and education systems known as part of the same eco-system
  • A showcase of good practices

2. Mobility, i.e.

  • Interaction with the National Mobility Agency
  • Mobility for upper secondary education as a different funding line than VET

3.VET system, i.e.

  • Role and position (work/education) of VET in the Italian system
  • Distribution of initial vocational training resources
  • Percentage of the population participating in VET does not correspond to the percentage of resources allocated
  • Programming of vocational training courses at the territorial level to reflect the real needs of the labour market
  • The VET system as a fully integrated pathway, from initial to professional to higher (VET) education
  • ITS vs. professionalizing degrees
  • Access to the vocational training system from the national program funding (PONs)
  • Adult education

Finally, it was decided to focus on priority n° 2, Mobility. Furthermore, members agreed to jointly organize one promotional event in the second semester of 2019, within the framework of the National Vocational Guidance Fair in Verona (JOB FAIR) implementing an event / workshop focusing on Mobility and its ROI (return on investment).



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