English For Hospitality project

In the framework of the English For Hospitality (EN4HOSTS) project, the sixth and last blended mobility in Suceava was attended by representatives of schools from Romania, Italy, Turkey, Croatia, Greece and Portugal.

EsproMinho – Escola Profissional do Minho (Portugal)

The objectives of this mobility were the following:

  • Stimulating the practice of learning English, organizing activities that foster interaction among partners, as well as sharing knowledge and experiences.
  • Find out about the typical dishes from each country involved in the project, as well as traditional Romanian recipes;
  • Learning, through CLIL lessons, marketing mix strategies to promote a tourism product;
  • Learning more about the philosophy of capoeira – a Brazilian cultural expression that mixes martial art, sports, popular culture, dance and music – participating in a capoeira class given by a Romanian teacher;
  • Conducting guided tours of the region so that everyone could get to know more about the Romanian culture and gastronomy;
  • Integrating the students into host families so that they know the reality of Romanian daily life;
  • Checking with all coordinators whether all the tasks indicated in the application form have been fulfilled.


• More constant and direct contact with the English language, with many skills acquired during team building activities;
• The Portuguese students have taught their friends from the other countries to prepare a typical Portuguese dish, “Bacalhau à Brás”;
• The Portuguese delegation also learned how to prepare typical Romanian recipes;
• Tasting of various Romanian delicacies – a great way to get to know local gastronomy;
• Visit a fish conservation factory, with the explanation of the whole process;
• Cultural visits – to museums and churches – with the aim of getting to know the history of the region;
• The Portuguese team had the opportunity to see and learn how to paint the famous Romanian Easter eggs, as well as clay pieces;
• All the partners had the opportunity to learn some techniques of capoeira;
• Learning strategies to promote tourism product. Tourism in our country is increasing, so it is necessary to know how to publicize our product.


All the institutions involved in the Project have mentioned that the experience was positive because they have learnt more about the Romanian culture and gastronomy. Besides, they also had the opportunity to have cultural guided visits and to prepare and taste some

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