Entrepreneur is not (only) who sets up a company

We use to link the term “entrepreneur” with a person who decides to set up his/her own company. However, nowadays the meaning of the word is much more extensive and does not necessarily refer to someone who starts business. In an industry 4.0 skills context, an entrepreneur must be understood as someone who gathers a defined set of skills, being these applied starting a business or not.

HETEL (Spain)

In the context of “Confident Teaching of Entrepreneurship”, an Erasmus + project where HETEL takes part as a partner, under the coordination of Colleges Partnership from Scotland, we have identified those skills as: productivity, adaptability and creativity, based on descriptors developed by an EQF working group.

One of the challenges we want to address with this project is the need to embed this entrepreneurial set of skills in any VET curriculum, as they are essential features of industry 4.0 professionals. During our first meeting in December in Glasgow, we started to plant the seed to do so and in the next months we will start nourishing it in order to harvest good resources to be applied in our VET colleges.

First of all, we are carrying out a deep analysis of the materials, tools or methodologies available and used in the different partner countries (Spain, UK, Finland and The Netherlands) and also some other neighbouring countries in order to identify what is being already done and which are the gaps we may cover with our project in a later stage of materials development.

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