EQF5: improving employment rates

The 6th Project Meeting and 5th Multiplier Event for the project SHINE were held from the 18th to the 20th April 2018 in the Craft College (EfVET Member) in Zagreb.

Multiplier event of the SHINE Project

The objective of SHINE is to bridge the gap among local economic contexts and goals set by corresponding regional Smart Specialization Strategies, by acknowledging the role and innovative potential of high-level technical professional profiles.

On 19th April the multiplier event of the SHINE Project was held. Drazen Maksimovic, from the Craft College(OUZG – EfVET Member) presented the project along with the coordinator, Luca Boetti. Boetti stressed the difference between employment and employability and stated that EQF5 is the most powerful tool possible to offer 100% employment rates. Thus, the problem is not seeing the right way to make EQF 5 grow, but to be able to follow it in order to harmonise HVET systems across Europe. In this respect, he said that it is essential to fight against the lack of acknowledgement and of social acceptance of VET and that a system approach is therefore needed. Furthermore, he claimed that financing is still part of the game and that soft and technical skills are crucial.

The following topics were also mentioned during the Multiplier Event: Master Craftsmen Exams (Good practice example in HVET), Innovative Governance Models in HET, Importance of Triple Helix in VET, Active Employment Policy Measures, Qualification standards development, Evaluation in VET, Position of HVET in Development of Centres of Excellence and Master 5 – SHINE’s follow up project.

6th Project Meeting

The project meeting was hosted by Craft College (OUZG). Overall, the project coordinator confirmed that the outcomes are aligned with what was foreseen on the project application.  On this stage of the project partners are going to provide final comments and validation for Intellectual Output 6 (Assessment of local action plans) and Intellectual Output 7 (Identification of policies to improve usage of EU tools in HVET: ECVET, ECT, ESCO).

Next step will be the development of Intellectual Output 8 (Definition of possible indicators and channels/processes for policy improvement at national/EU level). Besides, USVR Veneto will be leading Intellectual Output 9 (Review of outcomes by involving Triple Helix stakeholders).

Finally, EfVET discussed the communication and dissemination for the activities foreseen until the next meeting which will be held in Venice. The dissemination role focuses on the following: partners’ Facebook and LinkedIn, SHINE website, public relation events and press releases. The activities that have been done so far are the following: SHINE website, SHINE newsletters, a dissemination brochure and multiplier events in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Romania and Croatia. Last but not least, the meeting discussed the possible follow-up to SHINE, taking into account Horizon 2020.

If you want to know more about the SHINE project, you can visit the website here: http://www.projectshine.eu/.

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