ERASMUS+ project Under construction: the final results

ERASMUS+ project Under construction: the final results

Under Construction is an ERASMUS+ project focused on the key skills making top professionals in Construction and Habitat 4.0. A total of seven domains which include both traditional apprenticeship professions as well as further innovative developments and important trends.

The digital learning offer is aimed at trainees and skilled workers in the occupational fields of carpentry, bricklaying, wall and floor tiling, cabinetmaking, domotics, design technologies and 3D printing.

For each of the seven domains, we studied trainees and skilled workers who had attracted particularly positive attention from trainers, supervisors or professional competitions because of their top performances. Interestingly, our study found across countries and occupational fields that the competencies for excellence and career success are composed of about 1/3 technical knowledge and 2/3 soft skills. Conventional vocational training and further education are mainly aimed at teaching technical knowledge, whereas soft skills have hardly played a role in the curricula so far.

Throughout the Under Construction e-learning platform, learners and trainers will be able to explore the most suitable training paths in order to accommodate apprentices with different previous levels and aimed at the found top skills/competencies.

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