FPEmpresa & the Bankia Foundation collaboration for a VET resource website

FPEmpresa is collaborating with the Bankia Foundation to create an online resource website for VET

The Association of VET Centers FPEmpresa is collaborating with the Bankia Foundation in the development of a web portal with digital educational resources for Vocational Training teachers.

The portal called www.recursosfp.com aims to facilitate access to tools, and comes with tutorials, explanations and comparisons between those tools so users can choose the most appropriate for each situation. It will be constantly evolving in response to requests from the educational sector and, in addition, it will host webinars and training on new methodologies or pedagogical innovations to develop the information provided by the website.

Teachers can access three sections:

  • Tools for teaching. Here there is content to manage, work collaboratively, make video calls and share documents, among other things.
  • Resources for teachers. Best practice, educational use of social networks and options to evaluate online.
  • Center management. Learning models, leadership models, among other things.

The portal www.recursosfp.com is the response of FPEmpresa and Fundación Bankia to the current situation in order to continue maintaining the main objectives, promotion and prestige of VET. Above all, it will support teachers at a time when they have been forced to assume an extra burden in their educational work, helping to maintain the training of their students.

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