Friesland Colleges International cooperation is going strong

Friesland Colleges International cooperation is going strong

Friesland College is happy to be working on several new international Erasmus+ cooperation projects during the upcoming years. Friesland College has been internationally active for many years, both in innovative projects with schools, companies, municipalities et cetera and international mobility for our students and staff. We have built a solid network of partners along the way and are always looking for ways to improve the quality and attractiveness of our education – and therefore the future of our students!

Here is a selection of our new projects:

  • InTeaM4IEd (Innovative Teaching Methodologies in Hospitality Schools for Inclusive Education) proposes to help teachers and tutors to face learning difficulties related to ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) students of initial VET in the hospitality sector and to support them in developing expendable skills within the education system – and externally in the hospitality industry. The overall aim is to develop a ground-breaking Flexible and Hybrid Educational Methodology and Tools, supported by the creation of an educational app (AI driven chatbot), for teachers to assist students in gaining new sector-specific competences.
  • 3H (Head, Hart, Hand): There are still few studies and research on the impact that Covid will have on school drop-outs, but some data are starting to emerge. UNESCO even estimates that around 24 million students worldwide could be at risk of not returning to school as a result of the interruption caused by the pandemic. Tools, methodologies and, above all, an improvement of teachers’ skills will be needed in motivating and promoting our students’ well-being at school. That is essential to manage and prevent early drop-out. Based on these premises, the 3-H project focuses on socio-emotional aspects, i.e. the development of practices to promote the motivation and well-being of students at school. The aim is to prevent school drop-out, by involving individual pupils in their personal motivation, working on methodologies that facilitate the acquisition of socio-emotional skills and on the other hand addressing student demotivation and malaise at school.
  • Mobilititimeline aims to create materials for mobility students and mobility project managers to improve the organisation and administration of Erasmus + mobilities for VET students. We will do that by sharing various online information platforms, creating a preparatory online course for all students who will be doing an internship abroad and a digital timeline, among other things.

We are very much looking forward to working on these projects with our international partners!




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