High school students completed internship as part of INTERVET project

High school students from Bosnia and Herzegovina completed a one-month internship in Poland as part of the INTERVET Western Balkans project

High school students from seven cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina have just returned from the Polish city of Wroclaw, where they spent 4 weeks on internships at various companies. The internship for 11 high school students from our country was a completely new and unique experience. For some of them, their stay in Poland exceeded all expectations, while some did not do the desired job.
During their one-month stay in Poland, BH high school students had the opportunity to get to know Wroclaw, the city laying on the Odra river, rich cultural and historical heritage, socialise with high school students from other EU countries, make new friends, improve communication in English, learn more about the internationalisation of mobility. As they said, these were the initial steps towards maturity and entering the world of adults.
Danis Bradaric, a graduate of the city of Maglaj, shared his impressions: “First of all, thank you for a wonderful month. During my stay in Wrocław, I met many nice people, with whom I hope to remain on good terms for a long time. I worked in a great company, with a great mentor so I had no problems in that aspect, I even learned many things. The journey was a little longer but it paid off completely. The organisation of the journey itself was great, as was our leader of the journey. Also, the receiving organisation MODE that she welcomed and took care of us in Poland and did her job at an enviable level.”
Safet Gagic from Sarajevo: “Poland was needed a step for my own independence. It was of course a great and unforgettable experience and I really fell in love with Poland. I would go again if I had the chance. I only have praise for my job. I met wonderful people and made connections that will serve me in the future. I also got closer to my job and saw what it means to be a vet and work with animals. The experience was great. I suggest everyone who is considering applying for this program participate. “
IUS Life partner representatives of IntervetWB project thank their colleagues from the Mode and Uniser Foundation, the leader of the group Aida Kardić, and wish their high school students a lot of success in continuing their education.

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