Higher VET sector in Europe

The higher VET sector is vital in addressing the skills gap created by the green transition or by demographic changes in society. By its flexible nature, these schools are close to the employers, and cater both to new students as well as to people who work, and who seek reskilling and upskilling opportunities. The event has been organised by SwissCore, Movieta, NORCORE and Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills in Brussels on the 27th of May.

The stakeholders and policy makers to meet with higher VET practitioners from several European countries to listen to their experiences and discuss how national and European policy and programmes can facilitate international cooperation within the higher VET sector. Together , we can enhance VET collaboration and drive progress. In Erasmus+, they struggle in many countries to find their place within the larger categories of vocational education and higher education, as they may find themselves in between these two levels.

We also want to thank the speakers for the insightful discussion: Marieke Vandeweyer, OECD; Boudewijn Grievink, Katapult Network; Julia Singewald, EHL education group; Erik Hågensen, Fagskolen Viken; Henrik Pahus, Iñigo Araiztegui Arraiz, Tknika; Stefan Nowatschin, BvLB; Jan Varchola and Vito Borelli from the European Commission.

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