How to boost your internationalisation with EfVET network (CZ)

Online event: How to boost your internationalisation with EfVET network (Czech Republic)

We would like to thank all the speakers and participants who joined us at an online event on 19th April 2021 “How to boost your internationalisation with EfVET network”. It was initiated by two Czech EfVET members: SPSCH Pardubice and EPPAS. Overall goal was to introduce the EfVET network as a platform and catalyst for VET internationalisation for Czech vocational training schools and colleges. The intention is to share good practice, encourage to make steps and strengthen the opportunities for local organisations. 

We had an honour to have several representatives from the EfVET network: project and office manager – Valentina Chanina, Vice President (Projects) of EfVET – Stefano Tirati and a National Member of Steering Committee (Netherlands) – Marloes de Vries. Their presentations gave a brief understanding of the network, membership, unique opportunities and guidance on how any Czech organisation could strengthen its internationalisation. 

Good practice was presented by SPSCH Pardubice – Miroslava Katzerová, EPPAS – Juraj Varga (Czech Republic) and Da Vinci College – Andre Schoonhoven (the Netherlands). After hearing their experiences we can confirm without a doubt that any vocational training school would benefit greatly from being part of an international community such as EfVET. And it all depends on the organisation itself – how much it will take from being part of it. 

We received very positive feedback from participants and also an interest to join a follow up online event that will be organised on 6th May. If you are interested, please register here. The event will be in Czech.  

You can find the recording and presentations here: 

CZECH versions 

The event recording can be found at this link.

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