How to develop an Educational & commercial potential of gastronomy?

The demand for professional figures solely involved in territorial marketing, for gastronomic tourism operators, for brand promoters comes and is quickly shifted elsewhere by markets. As always, demand creates supply, and local or national training systems adapt to new requests, as opposed to anticipating them.

CECE (Spain)

The purpose of Following Taste is to register those needs, to understand if the professionals that operate to satisfy them are fulfilling their task. These professionals present some similarities with touristic guides and could be defined as taste ambassadors. It is therefore necessary to imagine a figure capable not only to tell about places, products, emotions and sensory experiences, but also to support producers, restaurant owners, cultural entertainers in their digital marketing strategies, while fostering their collaboration over the environment’s intangible value.

CECE EUROPA, is the coordinator of this project in collaboration with: Federación Española de Hostelería; from Italy the ENAIP Veneto Impresa Sociale and the Unindustria Servizi & Formazione Treviso Prodenone; from Malta, Malta University Consulting Limited; from Germany, the Internationaler Bund Berlin-Brandenburg and from France the Academie Nationale de Cuisine.

We are currently disseminating a survey, through which we seek collaborations to help us to continue to develop the project and find a new Taste Local Guide.

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