Information session – Centres of Vocational Excellence 2022

Information session – Centres of Vocational Excellence 2022

On the 7th of March of 2022 an information session of COVE took place in the streaming service of the European Commission. The participants of the meeting were welcomed by Michele Grombeer, Head of Sector in Education and Vocational Training, who shortly introduced each participant one by one.

After the welcome, Malgorzata Kozak, Policy Officer of the European Commission, and João Santos, Senior Expert at the European Commission, explained the policy priorities, the context, the objectives and the expected results of the new program.

Subsequently, Sibylle Lacave, Project Officer in EACEA and Helene Barry, Project Adviser for European Programmes in the area of Adult Learning, gave the clues so as to make a successful application, focusing on eligibility, selection and award criteria.

Jan Jeronimus and Max Hogeforster gave advice as experienced Project Coordinators. They were followed by Silvia Homberger, Project and Communication Officer at the European Commission, who illustrated the submission procedure and the application forms. Afterwards, Helene Barry, explained the guidance for preparing a sound budget. Last but not least, some questions and doubts of the participants were answered. 

The aim of this session was to explain the new objectives of the Erasmus+ programme focused on Vocational Education and Training (VET). The budget is approximately about 26 billions of euros and 5.5 billion of them are for VET mobility. Additionally, the specific objectives are the following ones:

  • Inclusion and diversity: more opportunities to everyone, no matter their age, social or economic background.
  • Digital education: virtual learning activities, training courses for teachers who want to improve their use of digital tools.
  • Environmental sustainability: raise awareness of the importance of good practices concerning the environment.
  • Participation: invitation to take part in the program.

The deadline for submitting the proposal is till the 7th of September of 2022 and the candidates can be from any of the EU-27 countries or third countries associated or non-associated.

For more information, visit COVE Europe.

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