INNOVET – 5th Transnational Meeting

In the scope of the KA2 INNOVET project which aimes to promote innovative teaching methods and improve the internationalisation strategies of training centres, the last 5th INNOVET Transnational Meeting took place in Brussels, Belgium from 7-8 February, and was hosted by EfVET. During the meeting, our partners Ylä-Savo College (Finland), SEPR (France), TEC (Denmark), UNISER (Italy), Incoma (Spain), Roc da Vinci (The Netherlands), and Heilig-Hartinstituut T. O. (Belgium) gathered to discuss several topics divided into two days.

The main objective of the 5th Transnational Meeting, that is, the expected results included:

  • Creating more opportunities for VET organisations to exchange practices and discuss innovation on regular basis.
  • Improving competences of the VET staff on innovative teaching methodologies and raise awareness on the most relevant themes on the agenda for the development of innovation in Europe.
  • Improving internalisation strategies of VET providers, including fostering the “internalisation at home” processes.

On the first day, we discussed:

  • Quality Results – Comparison Online and Lyon Training Event
  • Dissemination results
  • Project Deliverables
  • Final Report Presentation and brainstorming before submission
  • Workshop on the project impact
  • Workshop on sustainability and valorisation

On the second day, we discussed:

  • An overview of the Quality Report, followed by the Seminar event Online and Lyon Editions during which both events were: (1.) compared in pie charts, (2.)  General organisation of the event evaluation was carried out, (3.) online and Lyon session statistics were evaluated.
  • In terms of Project Deliverables, so far, the (1.) Good Practices Catalogue, (2.) Final Version of the Agenda, (3.) Handbook, and (4.) Toolkit have been created.

The discussion was concluded by presenting the Final Report and collective brainstorming among the partners before the submission of the Report on the first day, while on the second day, the discussion was concluded with the finalisation of the Deliverables.

For more information on the project and deliverables, please visit the INNOVET Website.

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