Integration to competitive Europe through VET

IceVET, Integration to Competitive Europe Through VET, is a project among partners from Turkey, Spain, Poland, Italy and Greece that aims to generate a strong consciousness about innovation and competitiveness and their impact to employability and global market conditions among all VET actors in partner’s regions beside participant institutions.

CECE (Spain)


In order to raise awareness of the importance of innovation and competitiveness and their impact to employability, IceVET project has many  innovative and unique activities which will be carried out in project. These activities include investigation on the best practices regarding the issues innovation and competitiveness in VET systems in the world, constitution draft curriculum for Innovation training in VET schools, determining innovation and competitiveness perceptions of VET students, teachers, managers and employers in target regions. Additionally it will be draft a policy paper for innovation and competitiveness approaches for EU 2020 is another strong objetive of IceVET project. All objectives are feasible and sustainable essence. IceVET objetives support EU 2020 targets directly by means of common approach to innovation and competitiveness perceptions.


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