Is entrepreneurial behaviour embedded in vocational education?

Entrepreneurship is a concept integrated into the curriculum of VET programmes in most of the European countries.

HETEL (Spain)

In the case of the Basque Country, entrepreneurship is one of the common subjects to any vocational programme, disregarding the profession. However, is usually focused from the perspective of business creation and management and it is difficult to promote from one subject entrepreneurial behaviour beyond the concept of setting up a company.

That was the origin of CiTE (Confidence in Teaching Entrepreneurship), an Erasmus+ project addressed to identify how entrepreneurship is integrated in the VET curriculum and which materials are used for it in a number of countries (United Kingdom, Spain, Finland, The Netherlands, France, Portugal, Luxembourg and Estonia), filtering the good things and developing materials for those aspects not covered or not enough.

Having that first step, identification and definition of the state of the art, almost done, the partners of the project, led by Colleges Partnership (UK) and with HETEL among the partnership, met in Tampere (FI) to discuss about the ideal profile to teach entrepreneurship in order to develop a set of materials (a toolkit) addressed to this profile.

During this meeting, we counted with the presence of 2 teachers in the field, one from Nazaret Zentroa (Donostia-San Sebastian) and another one from Egibide (Vitoria-Gasteiz), who are part of the advisory group for the quality assessment of the project. In the next months, we will work in the definition of contents to include in the toolkit, having our next meeting at the end of September in Durango (Basque Country). Keep updated in the project

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