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On tuesday, February 6th 2024, EfVET attended the final confrence of the LEAD Online project. The LEAD Online project is a cooperation between multiple partners to prevent online hate speech. They have been working with this project for 22 months and this had resulted to a online based assessment tool and a virtual game “Hate Out”. This project is very important and is making a difference, especially for young people today.

The conference starts off with a physical debate where we got faced with several statements and we held up cards to show our opinion on the statement. It was a great way to active the participants from the start and get some thoughts going,

The first panel consisted of some of the partners of the project, and they presented their results. The first partner Hellenic Open University talked about the hate speech self-assessment tool. FORMA.Azione ,among other things, gave some insight in to the formal legal frameworks for Hate Speech, shared data they found when mapping the landscape and presented their conclusions. Read more of their interesting presentation in the pictures. ZARA offers counselling to victims of racism. They shared some preventative tools, how they trained the trainers and key lessoned learned. The panel presentation finished with a interesting Q&A from the audience.

We also got the chance to try the online game. Click this link to try it.

The second panel discussion on literacy ahttps://www.lead-online.eu/nd countering online hate speech. It was representatives from different countries who got faced with some interesting questions and they had to answer how the situation related to the question is in their county. Very valuable to hear the different situations opinions and perspective this panel discussion gave. The conference ended with an insightful sharing of lessons learned during the project.

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